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KISAE Portable Powerpack 800

SKU #: 551014
Product #: APWS292

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Product Name:  
KISAE Portable Powerpack 800

Product Maker:   N/A
Product Model:   PP800
Alternative Product Models:   N/A
Device Model:   N/A
Alternative Device Models:   N/A
Cell Type:   N/A
Capacity(mAh):   N/A
Voltage:   N/A
Watt:   N/A
Ampere:   N/A
Color:   N/A
Dimension:   N/A

880W Inverter combined with 26Ah battery, 3 x AC outlet, jump start

Multi-stage battery chargers ensure that your batteries are harged the way battery manufacturers reommend
small footprint, extremely compact design
Ideal chargers for boaters and RV'ers
Can be set for gel flooded, AGM and lithium batteries

Faster charge for your batteries
Three 12V models to hoose fom : 20A(<200 ab batteies), 40A (200-400Ah batteries), 60A(>400 Ah batteies)
24V model : 30A (>200 Ah batteies)
Travel abroad and use anywhere(acept 90 - 285 VAC input)
Optional remote allows you to view system information
Miroprocessor controlled multi-stage charging algorithms: bulk, absorption,float settings for get, flooded and AGM batteries
Battery equalization feature for flooded batteries
Priority bank charging ensures your main battery recharges first
Silent mode for quiet operation
Charge up to three battery banks

Box Dimension: 18.8 x 9 x 4.5