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Peak 4.3" Wirless Back-up Camera Kit

SKU #: 547390
Product #: APWS116

Our Price:     $130.11


Product Name:  
Peak 4.3" Wirless Back-up Camera Kit

Product Maker:   N/A
Product Model:   PKC0BU4
Alternative Product Models:   N/A
Device Model:   N/A
Alternative Device Models:   N/A
Cell Type:   N/A
Capacity(mAh):   N/A
Voltage:   N/A
Watt:   N/A
Ampere:   N/A
Color:   N/A
Dimension:   N/A

The Peak 4.3 inches wireless back-up camera kit comes complete with all components. The system keeps your family members, pets, and possessions safe from rear rollovers. The Peak back-up camera system allows you to have a 110 degree viewing angle and more than 10 feet of viewing range and allows you to see what is behind your vehicle without turning around. It allows you to see what you cannot see. The kit comes with easy to install camera that mounts to the license plate, a transmitter that connects to your back-up lights, and a 4.3 inches color monitor that via its suction cup stand can mount to dashboard or windshield. Every time you put the car in reverse your system will activate. When not in reverse the screen and system will not be on to pose any distraction.

UPC#: 074804044508
Box Dimension: 9.5x4x8