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Smart Straps 30’ 10,000 lbs RatchetX 1 Pk Yellow

SKU #: 547289
Product #: APWS015

Our Price:     $40.23


Product Name:  
Smart Straps 30’ 10,000 lbs RatchetX 1 Pk Yellow

Product Maker:   N/A
Product Model:   167
Alternative Product Models:   N/A
Device Model:   N/A
Alternative Device Models:   N/A
Cell Type:   N/A
Capacity(mAh):   N/A
Voltage:   N/A
Watt:   N/A
Ampere:   N/A
Color:   N/A
Dimension:   N/A

These SmartStraps® Ratchet X Lightweight Aluminum Tie-Downs are designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions. Ergonomic, flared handle for maximum leverage. Self-contained retractable winders automatically take up excess webbing or slack.

- Ratchet tie downs commercial grade ratchetx 3,300 lb
- Working load limit break strength: 10,000 pound
- Yellow length feet=30
- Shipping Weight 6.2 lbs