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Magnum MS2012 2000 Watt, 12V Inverter / 100 Amp Charger, Pure Sine Wave

SKU #: 536545
Product #: IMCHMG015

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Product Name:  
Magnum MS2012 2000 Watt, 12V Inverter / 100 Amp Charger, Pure Sine Wave

Product Maker:   Magnum
Product Model:   MS2012
Alternative Product Models:   N/A
Device Model:   N/A
Alternative Device Models:   N/A
Cell Type:   N/A
Capacity(mAh):   N/A
Voltage:   N/A
Watt:   N/A
Ampere:   N/A
Color:   N/A
Dimension:   13.75” x 12.65” x 8.0”

* Search Tynex SKU# for Magnum 2000 Watt Inverter: - Ty136542: MS2000; Ty136544: MS2000-15B; Ty136543: MS2000-20B;
- Ty136545: MS2012; Ty136547: MS2012-15B; Ty136546: MS2012-20B.
Manufacturer : Magnum
Model# : MS2012
Input battery Input voltage range : 9 to 17 VDC
Nominal AC output voltage : 120 VAC ± 5%
Output frequency and accuracy : 60 Hz ± 0.4%
Continuous power output at 25° C : 2000 VA
Maximum continuous input current : 225 ADC
Inverter efficiency (peak) : 89%
Transfer time : 16 ms
Search mode : 7 watts
No load (120 VAC output) : 25 watts
Waveform : Pure Sine Wave

Charger Specifications:
Continuous output at 25° C : 100 ADC
Charger efficiency : 85%
Power factor : > 0.95
Input current at rated output (AC amps) : 15

General Features and Capabilities
Five stage charging capability : Bulk, Absorb, Float, Equalize (requires remote), and Battery Saver™
Remote available (optional) : Yes, MM-RC or ME-RC
Internal cooling : 0 to 120 cfm variable speed drive using dual 92mm brushless DC fans
Overcurrent protection : Yes, with two overlapping circuits
Overtemperature protection : Yes on transformer, MOSFETS, and battery
Dual AC branch rated output breakers : Optional on the MS2000 and MS2012 - AC breakers in 15 or 20 amp ratings
Warranty : Three years
Dimensions (l x w x h) : 13.75" x 12.65" x 8.0"